1. Mochi/dango

These soft little balls are made from rice flour.  They are easy to take on the go and can be a great vegan snack!  For sure worth trying (:


  1. Soba, Udon NOODLES

There are great dishes that can easily be made vegan, however, watch out for the broth!  The broth is usually made out of Dashi, which is most of the time is dried skipjack tuna.  If you are lucky, some dashi can be made out of died kelp.  So if you are at a restaurant and want to make sure you are getting truly vegan Japanese food, ask about the broth.


  1. Yaki-imo

This is my favorite thing to get in fall.  Yaki=fried, Imo=potato.  But really, it’s not fried and it’s not a plain potato.   It’s a roasted Japanese sweet potato.  The sweet potato is not orange on the inside but rather purple or white.  Honestly, these potatoes are amazing.

yaki imo

  1. Sekihan

This is just Japanese azuki beans(red beans) and rice.  Super tasty. Always vegan (:


  1. Tsukemono

This literally translates to pickled things.   When you go to a Japanese resultant or a Korean restaurant, don’t be scared of those little condiments they put out.  They always vegan!  Unless… it’s like picked fish or something.  Then obviously they a  These are common side dishes in Japan.  Just salt and brine.


  1. Inarizushi

Zushi= sushi.    This is sushi rice packed in a fried tofu pocket.  Usually sushi contains fish… which is obviously not vegan.   If you go to a sushi restaurant, don’t be scared to not order this item because you are unsure of what it is.  It’s completely vegan and super tasty.


  1. Tempura

Make sure you get traditional tempura.   Traditionally tempura is made without egg.  But I have seen some people use egg in American restaurants.  This is usually vegan and super delicious!  A great option when you go to a Japanese restaurant.