This Saturday we headed to VeganMania.  SO MUCH VEGAN FOOD!  It was crazy…. We bought tokens for food but there were samples almost at every vendor, it could fill you right up.

Walked around…. talked to a bunch of people, then got the Japanese special at Vegan Plate.


IMG_6686  Everything on this plate was really delicious!  The soy “Chicken” was really great.  I also enjoyed the rice…. and the curry.  So basically everything.    I would definitely check this place out.  Close to Down town Chicago.

Here is the website:

Then we decided to get some yummy Ethiopian food because I am obsessed.  Unfortunatly I do not remember the name of this vendor….. but here is a food pic!


Last but not but not least, got some coffee and a pumpkin cinnamon roll at metropolis coffee.  Oh my yumminess.  This pumpkin roll was absolutely amazing.  Super soft and sweet.    And only $2!  I think that’s a great deal.


Before we left we went to see Colleen Patrick-Goudreau at 12:30.   It was so nice to listen to her live after listening to her podcasts non-stop for the past couple months…. She was actually funnier in person and I enjoyed the talk she gave.  Thank you for coming!


Overall, I am definitely going next year.  Love this festival.