Just another post about a vegan foodie traveling around.   I wanted to write a review on this place that we ordered from today.

I ordered the Black Quinoa ‘Tabbouleh” Salad and MAN it was good. It contained spinach, feta (Just ask for no feta), red onion, tomato, olives, cucumber & mint with lemon vinaigrette

It was delicious and they give you a pretty good portion.  The picture doesn’t do its justice.  We also ordered the Spinach and Ravioli and Hummus&Pita. I didn’t realize the ravioli would have cheese sprinkled on it since it didn’t say it in the menu. Make sure to ask for no cheese if you order this dish…. come to think of it the ravioli might also contain eggs… just skip the ravioli then. haha My co-worker had the continental salad which also looked great. (its not in the picture sorry.)

Overall this place was good. Rating- 7/10