If you have never had Ethiopian food before you are missing out!  I want to Keren located in Washington DC mid July but I was scrolling though some pictures and decided to post.

Honestly, this place was the 10/10!!

The dish I ordered was Veggie combo with enjera (or injera- it is spelt both ways).
Enjera is a spongy flatbread that you can see everywhere in the picture.  You get a ton of it because serves as the spoon… that you eat.  I kinda looks like a big flat morel mushroom?  Also, in the picture, you see that wine?  It’s honey wine.  I know, I know, if your truly a vegan you don’t eat honey.  But  if you are a vegan that eats honey (like me) you should try out the honey wine as well.   SUPER DELICIOUS.

This dish is completely vegan and it is a must to try out.  You will love it (: