If you are ever flying out of O’hare and need a quick bite.  Go to CIBO (Terminal 3)!

They are kind of on the pricey side..but hey, your in an airport.  What isn’t expensive? -McDonald’s.  Yes.  But who wants to eat that crap.

Here is what I got the past 2 times.

“Tuna Salad”. This was ohhhhkay. not the best

Buffalo Tofu. I liked this much better.

Both of these were $7.99 I believe.  I also purchased some Spinach and Kale chips ($2.99) for later also.


Overall, if you are in O’hare airport and looking for a great vegan place.  Go here!  Or.. you could go to McDonald’s and get their oatmeal.  Its actually not half bad. haha