Well. This place is freaking delicious.


The menu had a good variety and the prices were actually really cheap for what you get!

I ordered the Radical Reuben Sandwich…  here is the food porn


This thing tastes so much like meat it’s almost scary…… It was definitely better than a regular Rueben sandwich. Not because it was vegan, because it was just a GOOD Reuben Sandwich. Best I’ve ever had.   The mac and cheese was Ohhhhkaaay.  I think if they had toasted the top with some bread crumbs it could be much better.


My friend Milon ordered some waffle fries with gravy.   And to top off the night we got a vegan Sunday.


The entire dessert menu looked amazing but after a long contimplation on what to get, we chose this beauty.  No regrets.  DELICIOUS!

overall rating: 10/10